In the north of Brno created a great place, where children can experience your everyday exceptional adventure! The amusement park associated with café welcomes the smaller and more visitors to 600m2 of traditional attractions and stressless, home of the atmosphere. Compared with other gambling spaces are designed to their child at any time and without problems and had seen his satisfaction and safety kept under control. From the goodies, despite sitting after the attraction - everything we have tested the most valuable, what we have - for their own children.

Come and let your children enjoy a bit of fun, too....


                 Monday, Tuesday, wednesday, Friday            14:00 - 19:00

                 Thursday, Saturday, Sunday                            10:00 - 19:00


                           Child in 2 years                                                                  FREE

                           Accompaniment                                                                89 CZK or FREE**

                       DAY TICKET

                           Child from 2 years                                                             169 CZK/child

                           Child from 2 years                                                             139 CZK/child

                           (third and other child)

                       HOURLY TICKET

                           Child from 2 years 1.hour                                                   74 CZK*/child

                           Child from 2 years 1.hour                                                   60 CZK*/child

                           (third and other child)

                           * after 1. hour surcharge 1minute/1 CZK, maximum CZK 169/139 (day ticket)

                          ** from a deposit of CZK 89, you deduct your spend on the bar
                              (at a lower spend the fee for accompaniment CZK 89/per)


As another way for us in the antics of spending time with his closest, your children's birthday celebration. You just have to go with the deadline for email saskarna@saskarna.cz and agree on everything.

The party can be ordered from the minimum number of five children. The decor adapt reported the number of persons involved, we will create a boys', girls' or neutral and for you the calmest of gaming. The refreshments will take care. We offer the opportunity to bring their own cake, when all the fees for the service around cake is already included in the package (to download birthday package below).

Drinks and food from the package can be order even during the celebrations, we have all warehouse (pizza, popcorn, champagne, etc).


All the hot meals cooking themselves and do not use any frozen preparations. Desserts are overwhelmingly also fresh, just in case you are dwindling supplies, we offer purchased pie, but also very tasty. And finally, it is important to mention the excellent coffee, 100% ARABICA from ILLY company.




Adress: Novoměstská 1C, Brno 621 00

Number into playroom: 724 432 207

email: saskarna@saskarna.cz